We are a couple in our 30s, with a passion for the outdoors and any adventure it brings. We left 2 professional careers at an incredible Fortune 50 company in May 2017 for full-time travel in our 23-foot RV with our 2 cats and as much outdoor gear as we could fit. Some of our travel goals are to visit the National Parks, ride all of the IMBA Epic Mountain Bike Trails, volunteer once a week (“1 of 7”), and spend lots of quality time with family and friends the way. We are nature and animal lovers and follow a plant-based diet to reduce animal suffering for our health and that of our beautiful planet.


I’m Juke – and they say I used up all my 9 lives a couple of years ago. I was exploring an open patio door in the middle of the night (it’s never open!?) and I fell into a tree and couldn’t get out! It was pretty painful too until Daddy rescued me and I knew I would be ok. The vet’s office was a little awkward, walking in at 1:30 am with a tree branch through my tummy and coming out near my bum, but they gave me some great drugs and I forgot all about it.  To this day, Daddy has a special place in my heart and I tell him how much I love him. So, this RV Adventure is pretty cool so far.  That harness thing they put on me is super weird, but if it means I get lots of kisses, then I put up with it.  I’m also in love with the backpack they put me in for (short) hikes – it’s cool to experience the outdoors with them!  Maybe that’s why they named us the Wild Singhs.