Where The Wild Singhs Are

We are a couple in our 30s, with a passion for the outdoors and any adventure it brings. We left 2 professional careers at an incredible Fortune 50 company in May 2017 for full-time travel in our 23-foot RV with our 2 cats and as much outdoor gear as we could fit. Some of our travel goals are to visit the National Parks, ride all of the IMBA Epic Mountain Bike Trails, volunteer once a week (“1 of 7”), and mostly spend lots of quality time with family and friends along the way. We are nature and animal lovers and follow a plant-based diet to reduce animal suffering for our health and that of our beautiful planet.

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Julie & Reet Tripoutside.com

Where Have the Wild Singhs Gone?

We are still alive and kicking.  Hopefully you are following us on Instagram @wherethewildsinghsare – where we post a lot more updates! Apologies for not posting on our blog… for over a year!  (Oops) We have been so busy building our business, (and having fun a bit here and there)! Starting a Digital Business – TripOutside.com … Read more

Reasons for not drinking alcohol

Reasons Why I Reduced My Alcohol Consumption

I’m sharing some thoughts on the reasons behind my decrease in alcohol consumption and the benefits that I’ve noticed myself.
Trial Run Rental RV

Freedom: Our Reason for RVing

Careful what you dream about, it might just come true!  This first picture was us 1 year ago on a trial run in a rental RV near St. George, Utah, just 3 months before we started our journey. Today, we are camped out in the EXACT same spot reflecting on what we have accomplished, and … Read more

Winter Boondocking Made Possible!

Winter Camping in our RV We have spent some time winter camping in our RV (boondocking to be exact!) this year, to be able to snowboard the various mountains on our #MaxPass!  Through our experiences this year, we have learned A TON through trial and error, but have found out that there are some easy … Read more

Miles’ (our RV) Remodel

Our RV Remodel (Before & After Pics!) We are finally getting around to posting pictures of our motorhome remodel!  Many RVs (especially from 2002) have a very dated look, and some are downright ugly – like ours was.  We wanted a more updated look for Miles, without completely gutting him!  We saved money by doing … Read more

Our Oregon Beach Cleanup

Oregon Beach Cleanup The Oregon beaches have been beautiful…BUT what has been absolutely appalling is the amount of trash and microplastics washing up on their gorgeous shores. We picked up this pile of trash on the beach you see in the background in the space of 15 minutes. Coincidentally, I received a petition from Greenpeace … Read more

Riding the North Umpqua IMBA epic trail in Central Oregon

North Umpqua Bike Trail Our plan after Crater Lake National Park was to ride the North Umpqua IMBA epic trail.  It’s a 75-mile long bike/hike trail stretching from just north of Crater Lake NP along the Umpqua River, and finishing just before the city of Roseburg.  We found a great little campground called Umpqua’s Last … Read more

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake National Park We visited another National Park today – exciting because it has been a while!  From where we were camping at Waldo Lake last night, we drove south about an hour and a half to visit Crater Lake National Park.  The lake was formed 12k years ago after a volcano a thousand … Read more

Waldo Lake Mountain Biking: IMBA EPIC

22 miles of WORK (and some fun) at Waldo Lake Oakridge, OR From IMBA: “The Waldo Lake Trail is part of the Oakridge (OR) Area Ride Center. Circling its namesake lake, the beauty of the High Cascade Mountains await those who ride this challenging loop at 5,500 feet. The trails take you past rocky coves, quiet … Read more

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