Miles’ (our RV) Remodel

Our RV Remodel (Before & After Pics!)

We are finally getting around to posting pictures of our motorhome remodel!  Many RVs (especially from 2002) have a very dated look, and some are downright ugly – like ours was.  We wanted a more updated look for Miles, without completely gutting him!  We saved money by doing a lot of it ourselves (except the upholstry, floor and futon install).   Here are the main areas we worked on, with before and after pictures!

Dining Area

Dining area: reupholstered cushions, removed dated valences (ripping those off was quite fun!), replaced old carpet with grip strip laminate from Home Depot (throughout RV). 


Kitchen: painted all cupboards/walls white (primed first), peel & stick Smart Tiles, new pull down faucet, new cabinet hardware- all from Home Depot!  The paint definitely took the longest.  We removed all of the cupboard doors and drawers, and did those separately.  Because the original wood surface was a bit glossy, we had to sand everything, then prime it with an oil based primer.  Once that dried, we did 3 coats of Behr Ultra (Paint + Primer).  So it was time consuming, but it turned out great!  We kept a small sample size of the white paint on hand for touch ups – which we’ve definitely used along the way!


Bathroom: painted cupboards & walls, peel & stick Smart Tiles, painted yellowing sink and tub/shower with marine paint.  Update:  the marine (boat) paint worked great, but started chipping after a while.  It could have been because we didn’t strip/sand it as well as we could have beforehand, but we redid the marine paint a year later and it looks great again!

Living Area

Living area: painted all cupboards & walls white, removed valences, new cabinet hardware, removed carpet from wall frame, replaced sofa with futon from Ikea (we had to find a special super small sofa size because it’s not a standard size!), peel and stick wallpaper under sofa, also from Home Depot.

Post a comment, and let us know what you like best!  Or any suggestions on further improvements are welcome as well!


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