Finding IMBA Epic trails in Wisconsin!

IMBA Epic Ride #2: Rock Lake in Cable, Wisconsin trail system. Although the trail didn’t have any big hills, they definitely make you work! Lots of turns, rocks, obstacles that keep you pedaling the entire time.

We enjoyed about 20 miles yesterday but will be back for lots more, and to do some night or winter riding on some fat tires bike with UpNorth outfitters, we highly recommend taking a tour or renting a fat bike!

You can see the GPS route here.

We also rode the Ojibwe trail, which we enjoyed much more than the Rock lake trail although the sunlight made us cut the ride in half and we took a short cut back. (Singletracks trail detail)Now we pack our lights and planning on getting lots more. We always want to be prepared for mechanicals etc. and have plenty of water and lights on any backcountry trail systems.

Rent a bike from UpNorth Outfitters

Map of Cable Cluster area

Rock lake area

Extremely well marked trails by CAMBA

Best part about Wisconsin is the townie local bars, you can find them in the middle of nowhere and great apps, cheap beers and amazing conversations!

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