Where Have the Wild Singhs Gone?

We are still alive and kicking.  Hopefully you are following us on Instagram @wherethewildsinghsare – where we post a lot more updates! Apologies for not posting on our blog… for over a year!  (Oops) We have been so busy building our business, (and having fun a bit here and there)!

Starting a Digital Business – TripOutside.com

If you haven’t seen it yet, we just launched our website, www.tripoutside.com, an outdoor gear rental marketplace that helps customers find and book the best outdoor rental gear in top destinations.  We feature skis, snowboards, bikes, kayaks, SUPs and more from the best outfitters in the industry. 

TripOutside.com lets customers compare rental gear pricing in top outdoor destinations across North America, and book online quickly and easily. The last thing customers want to do on vacation is stand in line at a shop and fill out paperwork.  We have experienced this on our vacations, and that is why we have created a much better way.

It hasn’t been easy, but it has been a BLAST!  We have been working hard, and now have over 100 outfitters in great outdoor destinations – and the list is growing quickly!

How You Can Help Us!

As our trusted friends and family, we would love your help in promoting our site!

  • Share and like our FB page – this is so valuable to us!
  • Engage in our content – our goal will always be to share the most valuable travel content for you and we love hearing from you!
  • Check out TripOutside.com – we would love your feedback! Let us know if you think it rocks, where it needs improvement, or even if you think it just plain ole sucks – we will listen to it all!
  • Taking a ski trip soon?  We have ski rental and even delivery at all of the top resorts in North America and you can save up to 25% by booking online at TripOutside.com!

We know it’s completely up to you to click ‘Like’ or Share. We know your time is valuable. We genuinely appreciate your support.

Affiliate Program

We are also starting an affiliate program, so if you try it and love it, you can recommend it to others and get paid!   Stay tuned for more info on this shortly!

Thank you for being our awesome supporters!!!


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