Riding the awesome MTB trail system in Cuyuna Lakes, MN

After a fabulous month with family in MN/WI, we are on our way West!  But first, a short detour for a night up to Cuyuna Lakes, an awesome new mountain bike trail system near Brainerd, MN.  We were able to camp overnight in the campground adjacent to trails and rode out of our site to the trails when we arrived as well as the next day.

They were really awesome trails and definitely lived up to all the hype – very flowy and scenic, and most are around various lakes created where mines used to be.  The whole area was converted to a trail system to revitalize the area, since the mines are not used anymore. What we also found cool was that all of the different trail systems are connected by one long trail “Easy Street” trail, which makes route finding easy.  The day we arrived we rode the Huntington Mine lake (part B), and Portsmouth Lake (part C) near campground, then headed to the Yawkey unit (part D) the next morning.

The best part about biking around lakes is jumping in them afterwards to cool off!


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